My Cat Died and I Don’t Know How to Handle It

The book club thing’s on hiatus for now. I’m having a hard enough time focusing on things that don’t require even a modicum of the work that project would. If you didn’t see my tweets, instagram post, medium post, or the title of this blog post, let me catch you up: my cat, Minnie, died…… Continue reading My Cat Died and I Don’t Know How to Handle It

BLOG ANNOUNCEMENT: I’m Starting a Book Club

Well, in a sense. One of my goals for 2019 is to read more, but the notion goes a little deeper than just racking up the numbers on my “read” list on Goodreads. Sure, I’ll skim through some trash fiction and beach reads throughout the year, but I also want to really dive into some…… Continue reading BLOG ANNOUNCEMENT: I’m Starting a Book Club

My Biggest Regrets of 2018

I hate the advice “live life with no regrets.” And I don’t particularly trust people who say they “truly have no regrets.” Just because you learned from a regret doesn’t mean you wouldn’t do things differently were you given a do-over. And just because that might not be true for one regret, that doesn’t mean…… Continue reading My Biggest Regrets of 2018

Top 5 Albums of 2018

Disclaimer: This is a list of My Favorite Albums released in 2018. I’m sure there are many more “technically” better albums that were released this year, but they either a) missed my radar because they’re not in my preferred musical genre wheelhouse or b) were forgotten about by the date and time I’m writing this…… Continue reading Top 5 Albums of 2018

HEAVENLY BODIES: 15 Fave Met Gala Looks

I’m no fashion blogger (clearly), but the looks at the 2018 Met Gala certainly gave me a lot of feels that I need to do something with. SO. Here we go. First up: The Theme “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination” In addition to an English degree, I graduated from college with a minor…… Continue reading HEAVENLY BODIES: 15 Fave Met Gala Looks