Soft Reset

I need to write again. I need to write for myself again.

I’ll tell myself moving out of the copywriting position and into this new one at work should help with the writer’s block. But really, I’ve just lost my excuse that it’s hard to write creatively after writing professionally all day. The burnout’s still here, but the only thing I haven’t put major effort into is just powering through it.

Oh sure, I’ve thought about powering through it. I’ve made schedules to force myself through. (The thing about schedules, though, is you have to follow them. Otherwise it’s just a list of what’s been left undone.) I said on Medium that I was going to power through it, damn it. But no one reads that, so who was actually going to hold me accountable? Moi? Surely not.

Surely yes.

No one’s going to make me do it. That was an easy enough lesson to learn. The harder one: no one is going to ask me for or seek out my writing just because I stick “writer” or “poet” in my social media bio. And ultimately, there will never be any of “my writing” if I don’t…write…it…

So here I am. Writing.

(And working on making it more interesting next time.)

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