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Some Poems & Some Updates!

Hey, guys! It’s been a super busy week with a lot¬†going on! So I thought I’d do a little post to update you on what’s happening and I figured I’d also throw a few poems in here for ya as well. Enjoy! ūüôā

First Things First…

The Etsy Store!

Many of you may remember last week I finally launched my Etsy store, Kat’s Curious Boutique! In addition to everything available when the store opened, I’ve also got some new paintings up for you to take a look at and buy if you’re so inclined. I’ve included a couple of the new ones below and will be adding some more later this evening. So pop on over there if you’re looking to spruce up your desk or wall with something spacey and/or magical!

FullSizeRender (17)                      FullSizeRender (11)

Next We Have…

The Podcast!

I’ve also now got my podcast up and running! It’s called Tales From the Other Side and each week, I’ll have a new episode where I read or tell you a spooky story (mostly ghost stories, but sometimes not). The first episode features Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Black Cat,” a story similar to “The Tell-Tale Heart” in its exploration of guilt and the psyche. Give it a listen and let me know what you think!

And Now That¬†That’s¬†Out of the Way…

The Poems!

As I mentioned the other week, I’m planning on getting together a book of poems to submit for publication somewhere before the end of the year. Here are a few rough drafts I’ve been working on and, as before, if you’re experienced with workshopping poetry, I welcome any constructive criticism you may have!

Full Tank 

in knowing how stupid we are
self-deprecation seems dull

i’ve got a full tank
and miles of open highway
but i’m tethered to
fear of the unknown

they say
it’s better to cross a line
than to stare at it the rest of your life

and even if he leaves you in las vegas
with no money and a broken axel
in the end it’s all worth it

(it’s¬†all worth it)

to feel something
than nothing at all


day 32 of unemployment

does it smell
like garlic in here
or is that


the truth must dazzle gradually or every man be blind

you know the sweetest winds,
they blow across the south

through spanish moss & misty morning magnolias
through fields of cotton and tobacco
gently swaying strange fruit

the sweetest winds blow cross the south
where hot blood runs thickest
where turmoil & strife fly rampant
with truth stuck in earth’s red clay

two steps up,
three steps back

so bless our damn hearts
on the wings of those sweet southern winds.


third eye eye sore

who are you to sell your soul, baby?
whose skin is on these bones?

i’m searching for a giant smile
hidden deep inside me
i’m searching for the answer to
“where is home?”

My Etsy Site Has Launched!

I’ve talked about opening one for at least a year now and it’s finally here!

As of today, September 29, 2017, you can easily buy paintings, crafts, and bath and beauty supplies created by me at Kat’s Curious Boutique!

In order to get the shop up and running, my listings are minimal at the moment. But I will be adding more paintings and products over the next couple of weeks. Currently, here’s everything you can find at the boutique:

Commissioned Pet Portraits

IMG_2228 - Edited

This idea came when I painted a picture of my dad’s dog as a Father’s Day present. I really enjoyed doing it and figured when I got my shop set up, why not combine two of my biggest loves: pets and painting?? Pet portraits are done in acrylic paint on mounted canvas and are available in a variety of sizes.

A nonrefundable $30 deposit is needed to ensure the cost of supplies and shipping can be handled, and this deposit does go toward the total cost of your painting. So say your total ends up being $50. After paying the $30, I’d only invoice you for $20 once the painting is finished and shipped.

Zodiac Squares

FullSizeRender (6)

What’s your sign? Show it off with these adorable 3″x3″ zodiac squares! Each tiny mounted canvas is painted black with your zodiac’s symbol painted in gold. And behind each symbol is the constellation that corresponds with your zodiac sign. Perfect for your desk or as a tiny wall ornament! You can even glue a magnetic strip to the back and liven up your fridge with them!

Each square is $10 and all zodiac signs are available!

Customized Galaxy Paintings

FullSizeRender (5)

I started doing little paintings like this last year and they are so much fun! And with this listing, I’m asking you to have some faith in me. Basically what you’ll do is specify the size painting you’d like at checkout and leave notes about any specific stars, constellations, or colors you’d like included in your galaxy. Then, I’ll create your very own unique galaxy with acrylic paints on a mounted canvas!

Unlike the pet portraits, galaxy paintings are listed at a flat rate ranging from $10-$50, depending on the size. But no matter what size/color/constellation you choose, know that you’ll end up with a one-of-a-kind galaxy in your very own home!

Solid Perfumes

IMG_1601 - Edited

These adorable little perfumes come in three different scents: rose, lavender, and orange blossom. And each cap is hand-painted as shown above so you’ll know exactly which fragrance you’re getting. The perfumes are made up of coconut, almond, and essential oils so they’re all-natural and safe to use on your skin. Just dab a little on each wrist and behind your ears and you’ll have an all-day scent that smells amazing and isn’t overpowering!

Each perfume is $7 and in the meantime, I’ll be mixing up oils and coming up with new fragrances to try!

Coming Soon

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be adding more goodies to the store so be sure to keep an eye out! I’ll also try to get some sales codes and actual sales going as we get closer to the holiday season (and as I figure out how to do that).

But just so you know, you can keep a look out for the following items in the next few weeks:

  • Original paintings! In acrylic¬†and¬†watercolor!
  • Bath bombs
  • Beaded bracelets
  • Other assorted jewelry

I’m also super excited to announce sometime next week (it’s looking like next Friday), I’ll be debuting the very first episode of my upcoming podcast, Tales From the Other Side!! Just in time for Halloween, this weekly podcast will feature me reading you scaaary stories, beginning with one from the granddaddy of horror himself, Edgar Allan Poe.

So since there’s a¬†lot¬†going on in the next few weeks, make sure to subscribe here, or follow me on Twitter or Instagram where I’ll keep you as up-to-date as possible on all the excitement!