In Lieu of a Real Post This Week: TWO POEMS!

I’m trying to post regularly each Friday but today instead of a lengthy post, I’m going to share two poems I’ve been working on this week that are in their “final rough draft” stages.

My next big goal (and possibly last) for the year is to get together a ton of my poems and finally publish a book of them. So far, I’ve got 15 just about ready for publication and over the next couple of weeks I’ll be (hopefully) churning out new ones to put together for one cohesive project.

If you’re into workshopping poems, please reach out to me and let me know how I can improve these guys. If you’re experienced with self-publication or publishing poetic compilations through other means, please also definitely reach out to me because, well, what time I don’t have to spend researching is time that I can use perfecting this anthology! 🙂

In the meantime, enjoy…

untitled 89247289

we thought we could control the night
among the magnolia trees and humidity
we thought we could control life
we thought it’d always be easy

so i rode with you up the blue ridge parkway
but i didn’t come back down
i needed to be left among the blues,
the greens…

to be sad like the stars.

let’s go and kiss the wind you said
let it fill our sails
let’s leave the mountain air behind,
forget the barefoot trails

but i wouldn’t ride back down,
i couldn’t abandon my ghosts
because living means being haunted
and leaving means staying so

untitled 89247290

shades of green grey blue
tar red and moon yellow

piano key notes and a growing
string theory section

four quartets play
as the night sky stretches
and fog rolls in

planning, gazing, figuring –
misaligned border lines
deciding feelings precis







when i woke it smelled
of cocoa butter and olive oil,
like cannabis and chamomile
like all the smells of a home i’d created,
built from all the places i’d been