another work in progress

hi all! and welcome to my site! as you can see, i’ll have a lot of my projects up soon for your enjoyment 🙂

in addition to my various portfolios, this site will also be my blog, which i’m going to try to update fairly regularly. i’ve already put up a few posts from an old-ish blog i have (although all the posts have been made since march 2016). feel free to read through these if you’d like to get a feel for my blogging voice.

but also stay tuned because in the next few weeks (and so on) i’ll be working on and posting these blogs:

  • life after being “just one of the guys”
  • it happened to me: i’ve been catcalled with a turkey whistle. twice.
  • professor higgins was a classist & a misogynist but he was right about one thing
  • let’s talk personal growth in terms of a “scrubs” rewatch
  • the most important thing i learned in yoga teacher training was i’m not ready to teach
  • my 2 close encounters with the police: a demonstration on white privilege, or why i’ll never trust cops
  • in defense of marilyn monroe



see you soon!

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